Sell Your Home With Great Curb Appeal By Working On Your Fence Beforehand

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Although you may like your home, you may decide to sell it because your living situation has changed. But, this does not mean that you want to sell it in its current state because it may not look the most attractive. You want to avoid a situation in which buyers feel hesitant to put an offer on your home or other properties get prioritized over yours because of the looks alone.

If you have fencing that starts in the front yard and wraps around to the backyard, you should consider working on it as part of your preparation work before selling your home.

Pressure Washing

An excellent place to start is with pressure washing. Even though you may hose down the fence and it may get rainfall throughout the year, this will only be enough to remove the recent dirt and grime buildup. This will not remove the wear that has built up over months or years.

Pressure washing is smart because it will bring out the color and beauty in your fence. This on its own will make your home look more attractive during showings and on the property listing.


Once the fence is clean, you may realize that it still lacks in color and shine. A great solution is to work on staining the fence, which you can handle on your own or get professional help. If the wood is structurally sound, you could be showing off a fence that looks brand new. This will help you make an excellent impression on buyers who are looking for a turn key, long-term home.

Since you will be selling the home, you should try to avoid using your personal preferences to determine the stain. Going with a common, neutral look will appeal to the most buyers.


In some cases, the fence may have some damage. While you should consider making repairs to every part that has sustained damage, you may want to focus on the front yard. You will find it challenging to create impressive curb appeal when a picket, post, or post cap is damaged. If enough caps are worn down, you may want to replace them to create a brand-new look.

You can look up residential fence trends or contact professionals to see what they have been installing the most over the past year, which will help you choose well-liked post caps.

Working on your fence is a crucial step in making beautiful curb appeal before selling your home.


6 January 2018

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