How To Clean Mold From Leather Furniture


If your leather furniture gets wet, it is prone to mold. Furniture can get wet from leaky pipes, spills, and flooding, This makes a good environment for mold, since it thrives on moisture. 

It produces a musky odor, and commonly appears orange, white, green, or black. You should be able to treat moderate mold, but you must clean it immediately to prevent health tissues and damage. Clean mold by following these tips.

Prepare to Clean the Mold

To clean mold from leather furniture, gather:

  • plastic work gloves
  • dust mask or respirator
  • vacuum
  • newspapers
  • soft cotton cloths
  • soft-bristle-toothbrush
  • spray bottle
  • white vinegar
  • rubbing alcohol
  • mild soap

Move the piece outdoor and let it sit in the sun several hours, but keep it out of sight. The sun will help dissolve most of the mold. Otherwise, find an area that has plenty of heat and ventilation, such as a garage, patio, or carport.

Check the frame inside furniture for mold, if applicable. Scrub loosened  mold with the toothbrush or nylon brush, brushing from the top to bottom. Rub a handheld vacuum, and dispose of the bag in a bin. 

If you work indoors, lay newspapers around the piece to catch mold, and use a damp rag to loosen the mold. Scrub the remaining mold with the brush, and vacuum. If you use a bagless vacuum, rinse the canister well. Clean all tools that came into contact with mold.

Try Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural way to kill mold. Combine equal parts of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle, and test the mixture on a hidden area. Already check reactions of all cleaners.

Mist the mold, but avoid saturating the leather. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth, let it stand, then rinse. Once you remove the mold, apply a leather conditioner.

Apply Soap Mixture or Rubbing Alcohol

Soap solutions will kill remaining mold, and remove the smell. Mix several drops of dish soap in four cups of warm water in a bucket of warm water. Moisten a clean rag in the solution, wring it, and gently rub the entire surface.  

If mold still remains or it returns, combine one part distilled water and one part of vinegar in a spray bottle.  Dampen a clean cloth in the mixture, and clean the surface. Let the piece air dry, or set up a fan to speed drying if you work inside. To prevent mold from returning, set up a dehumidifier, and clean spills immediately.

A home cleaning service may also be able to help you deal with the mold.


7 January 2018

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