3 Steps To Take Before Making An Offer On A New Home

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A huge mistake that you can make when looking at homes for sale is to make an offer on the home after simply touring it with your real estate agent, mostly because this can lead to you missing issues with the surrounding neighborhood and the house itself. Listed below are three steps to take before making an offer on a new home.

Make Sure To Visit The Neighborhood Throughout The Day

A huge step that many people neglect to take before making an offer on a new home is to visit the neighborhood throughout the day. In most cases, when you visit a house for a tour with the real estate agent, they will typically take you earlier in the day, which may not give you the best picture as to how the neighborhood is most of the time.

However, if you visit the neighborhood later in the evening, really early in the morning, and even late at night, you will get a good feeling as to how safe the neighborhood feels and how loud it can be. By visiting at all those times of the day and night, you can decide if the neighborhood is quiet enough for your needs.

Make Sure To Do A Walkthrough Of The House With A Friend

Additionally, a very useful step to take before making an offer on a new home is to do a walk-through of the house with a friend. The reason that you want to do this is that since your friend will not actually be living in the house and doesn't really have any stake in you buying the house, they will be likely to spot and point out flaws that you may not notice because you are really excited about the house and its potential. This can help you spot any issues and take those into account before making an offer on the house.

Make Sure To Research The Crime Rate In The Surrounding Area

Finally, when planning to buy a new home, try to research the crime rate in the surrounding area before making an offer on the home. This is extremely important, because the last thing you will ever want to do is to find your dream house, move in, and then realize that the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods are actually quite dangerous.

In most cases, getting a record of the crime in any particular neighborhood is pretty easy, mostly because you can check a number of websites that will let you look at a map of any given area and show you what kind of crimes were reported and how long it took the police to respond. Also, if you want more definitive information, you can contact the local police department, who will often be more than happy to provide that information to you.

Speak with your real estate agent today to discuss what steps you should take before making an offer on a new home. You will want to make sure to visit the neighborhood throughout the day, make sure to walk through the house with a friend, and make sure to research the crime rate in the surrounding area before making an offer on any house that you are interested in.


8 January 2018

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