Would You Be Better Off In A Smaller Home?

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When you are discussing the size of the house for sale that you want to buy, you want to keep in mind that you can generally get a more affordable house when you go with less square footage, fewer bedrooms, fewer bathrooms and even if you go with a place that doesn't have a garage. Not only will going without these things mean smaller square footage, but it also means fewer amenities many like, so it can make your home shopping task easier along with more affordable. When it comes to just how small of a house you want to go with, you should take the following advice:

Determine how many bedrooms you really need

If you are worried about being able to find a house for the budget you are dealing with, then you may want to go with the absolute minimum number of bedrooms you can get by with. In some cases, children may be able to share bedrooms for quite a long period of time. Or, while you may have been hoping for a house with an extra room you can use as an office or spare room, you may want to instead try for a house that has a larger living room, so you can figure out a way to partition off a small office area and go with a pullout couch in the living room for overnight company.

Determine other ways you can let go of some square footage

Consider if a one-bathroom house will work as long as you are able to set up a good shower schedule with everyone in the household. Also, consider if you can go for a place without a garage if it has a storage shed or carport. You may even want to purchase a storage shed yourself in lieu of buying a home with a garage in order to get one for a better price. While you may like the idea of a place with a living room and a family room, come to a conclusion on just how important it is to you for you to have that extra space since it may cut out a good deal of extra square footage.

Consider the other benefits a smaller home also offers you

While you will be able to save on the buying price of a house when you go for a smaller one, this isn't the only area you will be saving in. The smaller your home is, the less some repairs and other changes will cost you. For example, it will be less to replace a roof on a smaller home and to re-carpet or paint a smaller home. Also, it's going to cost you less monthly to pay to heat and cool a smaller home.


8 January 2018

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