Gauging Your Industrial Space When Starting A Pallet Business

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Manufacturing pallets is a reasonably inexpensive way to break into the world of industrial business. Most people can handle the equipment required and there's very few processes required to do it properly. The toughest part may be finding the industrial space for your new business.

Choosing A Manufacturing Method

There are two ways that you can start a pallet manufacturing company. Some people start out building them by hand. If you try this approach, you will need enough room for a table saw, a nail gun, some wood, tables, and your area for pallet storage. This method is nowhere near as efficient as mechanical production but may be useful if you are just starting out.

Mechanical production requires you to invest in large pallet nailing machines. These tools allow you to speed up the pallet production process but take up much more room. Expect an average pallet machine to take up 10-20 square feet or more in your industrial space. As a result of these different needs, it is important to take further steps to calculate your industrial storage needs.

Calculating Your Storage Needs

When deciding on an industrial space for your pallet manufacturing company, you need to consider the length, width, and height of each pallet. Multiple these numbers by the amount of pallets you want to manufacture and then multiply these numbers to get your minimum cubic storage area. This amount is just what you'll need to store all of your pallets safely.

Beyond that area, you also need to calculate how much room you need for manufacturing. For example, building by hand will require just enough room for your tools and your work area. Your storage area is also likely to be much smaller because you'll make fewer pallets. However, your manufacturing area for mechanical production will be much larger and must have comfortable walk areas of three or more feet around each machine.

Getting The Best Industrial Space For Your Pallet Production

When finding industrial space for your pallet production, make sure to take special note of various elements of your storage area. These include property taxes, load fees, and any other expenses that you may not have expected. It is also wise to consider how well this area can be expanded if you decide to increase your pallet production capabilities.

It is also a good idea to buy, rather than lease, industrial space. Buying makes sure that you have the property in your name and can help you make a little bit of money selling it if your company fails.

As you can see, calculating your industrial space needs and finding a facility doesn't have to be an impossible task. By carefully gauging your needs and addressing them properly, you can start up a high-quality pallet manufacturing business with little difficulty. Contact an agency, like The Schueler Group, for more help.


9 January 2018

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