4 Things to Know About Living Near a Golf Course

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When you are thinking of buying a home in a golf course community, you may consider what it's like to have near-instant access to a golf course, live in a community with a home owner's association, and live in an area with luxury homes. However, there are a lot of specific details that you should also be thinking about when you are trying to get a real picture of what your daily life will be like should you decide to follow through with moving into a golf course community.

Here is some information that should prove to be helpful when deciding whether or not this type of community is a good fit for you and your family:

These houses have an increased risk of broken windows

When you move into a golf course community, some of the houses will be tucked away in a safe spot on the street, while others may be right off the green of the golf course. Houses that are located close to the green will be at an increased risk of having windows broken by off-course golf balls. However, there are steps you can take to prevent this such as having a tall wooden fence put up and installing protective screens on at-risk windows.

Golf carts on the streets may be common place

When you purchase a home in a golf course community you will find that there will be golf carts driving down the streets of the neighborhood often. Also, if you own a golf cart yourself, then you too will be able to drive your golf cart around the neighborhood in order to travel within the neighborhood.

You may not be able to walk on the golf course

When you buy a home in a golf course community, it doesn't always mean that you automatically have full access to the golf course. In most communities you will be required to pay extra in order to become a member who is able to enjoy golfing on the golf course. In these communities, you aren't supposed to be on the actual course unless you are a full-fledged member.

While there may be sidewalks throughout the gorgeous course that look like the perfect walking trail, there will generally be rules prohibiting them from being used by regular residents in the neighborhood. It's important to understand the rules of living in the community when you buy a home there.

Golf course communities are beautiful, quiet, and relaxing

When you decide to move into this type of neighborhood, you will get to walk outside of your house and take a relaxing walk in a neighborhood that's beautiful and serene. When you pull into your neighborhood, you will be able to enjoy looking at stunning homes and plenty of gorgeous greenery.

If you're still interested in living in a golf course community, contact agents with real estate for sale.


10 January 2018

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