4 Tips For Renting Without A Credit Check

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Most apartments for rent are going to require that each applicant have a credit check done. If you have less than perfect credit, this might be concerning, but it doesn't have to mean it's the end. While you might not be able to get off without a credit check at all, you can use these four tips to help the landlord see past your poor credit:

  1. Have References: If you have been renting previously, it's helpful to have references written out by previous landlords. Submitting these that show you have always paid rent on time will ensure that your credit is overshadowed even just a little bit. References also help to show that you are an ideal tenant meaning that there have been no noise complaints, problems with the apartments you have lived in, and more. 
  2. Offer More Up Front: If you know that your credit might hinder your ability to rent the apartment that you want, you can always offer more up front if you are able to. This could either be offering double what they are asking for in the security deposit or a full two month's rent upfront. Chances are this is going to show your strong interest. If this is coupled with good references, you are more likely to have a good outcome. 
  3. Dress Appropriately: Landlords want tenants who are going to keep the property clean and one way to show yourself off as the perfect tenant is to dress nicely. Don't wear any clothing that appears worn or dirty. You also don't want to bring along a bag or backpack that is dirty or full of trash, but instead organized. If you are bringing along paperwork, this should also be organized, as well and not crumbled. Like a job interview, first impressions are everything, especially if your credit could hinder your ability to be accepted to rent the apartment. 
  4. Have a Cosigner Prepared: If you are unsure whether or not a cosigner will be needed in your case, it's best to bring someone along with you who can act as a cosigner if it's needed. Ask a friend or family member to help you out with that. This should be a person who does have good credit so that they can vouch for you. 

With these four tips, your poor credit is less likely to hinder you from getting the apartment that you are in need of renting. For more information, contact a place like Meadowdale Apartments.


10 January 2018

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