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When buyers come into your home to see if it is the right place for them to purchase, not only do you want it to appeal to them in every possible way, but you also want to be sure the home isn't offending them in some way. By learning about some of the different ways that you can be turning off buyers to your home, you can decrease your chances of doing so and thereby increase your chances of selling the place faster. Here are some things that may make it more challenging for you to sell your home:

Foul odors can chase off buyers

When it comes to odors in a home, there are many different types. While some of them can be extremely temporary, such as the odors that occur when you are cooking certain types of foods, there are other odors that can be considered to be permanent. These types of odors, such as cat spray or mildew can be extremely difficult to get out of the home. In fact, in some cases it may be necessary to replace parts of the wall or flooring to remove certain stubborn odors. If there is a permanent odor attached to your home, then you are going to have to be prepared for buyers being offended when they show up to view it. Doing what it takes to have the odors removed will be the best way to improve your chances of selling it.

A bad roof can send buyers away

If your home is currently in need of a new roof, then you want to be aware of just how much of an impact it can have on its chances of selling quickly. Anyone looking for a home to move their family right into at the close of Escrow is not going to like the fact that they will need to deal with having the roof replaced right away. No matter which angle you look at it from, replacing the roof is going to cost you whether the cost comes from a drop in your asking price or comes in the form of a roofing allowance awarded to the new buyer. When you consider this, it may be easier to see why replacing the roof yourself may be your best bet. It completely takes away that concern when showing the home and can get your home sold much faster, saving you money on mortgage payments while it sits on the market.

Bad flooring and paint

Two of the most obvious things that really stand out when entering the different rooms in a home will be the flooring and the walls, including the paint they have on them. If the walls and/or the flooring is in bad shape, then the buyers are less likely to get a warm and cozy feeling from the home which can result in them wanting to put an offer on it. The price of paint and paint supplies is inexpensive, making painting the house yourself a good option if you feel you are up to it. However, the flooring can be trickier and should be put in by someone experienced with doing so. No matter how you have the walls and flooring taken care of, doing so before showing your home can really increase the chances of it selling faster.

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10 January 2018

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