Avoid Big Problems Later By Checking These Little Things Before Renting An Apartment

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It happens to most renters at one time or another. The apartment looks great when you first move in, but a day, a week, or a month later you discover one small problem that makes living there the worst experience ever. To avoid experiencing big problems later, here are three little things you should check before signing the lease.

Cellphone Reception

Just because your cell service provider says they're a nationwide network doesn't guarantee the service will be great wherever you go. There are a number of things that can interfere with your cell phone signal, including building materials (signals have a hard time passing through concrete and metal) and the distance between you and the nearest cell phone tower. As odd as it may seem, it's not unusual for cell service to be splotchy or unavailable in certain areas of your living space.

That's why it's a good idea to take out your cell phone and check how many bars you get in each room. Unless you want to be confined to making calls in the bathroom or, heaven forbid, having to hang out of the window just to catch a few bars, it's best to choose the apartment where you get the best service.

Check the Outlets

Along those same lines, you should take a moment to ensure all the outlets in the home work, especially if you are a person who has lots of electronics. Having to use an extension court to reach the plug across the room because the one closest to your desk doesn't work can be unsafe and annoying.

Simply take a small lamp with you and plug it into each of the outlets to see whether they're functional. Be sure to let the landlord know if any aren't so they can be repaired before you move in.

Weather Issues

The other thing you need to check is how your new place is affected by the weather, particularly when it rains and snows. For instance, if the parking lot floods each time it rains, that excess water might flow into your apartment if you live close by on the first floor. Likewise, a landlord who doesn't get the snow removed by a reasonable hour could cause you to be late to work when you have to shovel the sidewalk just to get to your vehicle.

If you have the time available, visit the apartment complex on days when the weather is bad to see how the area is affected and whether you can deal with what you see.

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12 January 2018

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