Did You Just Find Evidence Of Rats In Your Convertible? 4 Strategies To Rev Up Your Pest Prevention Plan


Whether you own a sleek sports car or a four-wheel drive off-roading vehicle, there is nothing like feeling the open air in your hair as you go for a drive. During the prime convertible seasons, your garage should be a sanctuary where you can park your car without worrying about putting the top back on. However, rodents are often attracted to the warmth and safety that a garage space can offer. For this reason, you need to use these strategies to prevent and eliminate rodents before they cause damage to your favorite vehicle.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Rodents tend to enter vehicles in search for nesting materials or food. Once one invades your car, you may find evidence such as rat droppings or chew marks that let you know that an unwanted visitor has invaded. When this happens, you need to arrange for rat control services to ensure that a growing population of pests does not add up to serious interior damage.

Check for Potential Entry Points

Mice have compactible bodies that can fit into tiny spaces. If you found evidence of a rodent, then this means that you likely have some type of hole or crack around the garage that acts as an entry point. Inspect around the doors of your garage, the roof and the vents to see if you find any areas that are damaged. Then, repair these areas to deter rodents from being able to enter the building.

Reduce Nesting Materials

During your rat control services, the technician may make recommendations to prevent rodents from viewing a space as habitable. For example, rodents make nests out of materials such as cardboard, paper and fabric. Spend some time clearing materials such as these from your garage to reduce the areas where rodents may find what they need to build a nest.

Eliminate Access to Food

Garages are often used as additional storage for items that rodents view as an easy meal such as pet food. If possible, find somewhere else to store these items, or put them into an airtight plastic container. Then, keep the interior of your convertible clean of any food debris or drinks that could serve as an attractant to pests.

When your prized possession becomes a rat's favorite hideout, it is time to take action. By focusing on revving up your rat control plan, you can get back to enjoying a drive in a pest-free car. If you are concerned about pest control, contact a business such as A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc.   


24 January 2018

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