Tips For Making Your Home Listing Stand Out From The Rest

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As your real estate agent prepares the listing for your home, you'll want to find ways to help listing stand out from the rest of the homes out there. Here are a few tips that will help get your home noticed by potential buyers.

List All Recent Improvements

Chances are that you have put a lot of work into your home over the years. Unfortunately, these all may be things that the average buyer will not realize unless they visit your home for a showing. Even if they do visit, there are improvements that they are unlikely to see if they are things like upgrades to your electrical or plumbing.

In your listing, you'll want to let people know about appliances that are brand new. This includes a new water heater, furnace, air conditioner, or anything else that you plan on leaving behind at your home for the next owner.

Major renovations need to be listed. Include information about hardwood floors that have been refinished, new windows that have been installed, and huge jobs like renovating your kitchen. 

These details will all make your home feel more appealing to potential buyers.

List Your Home's Unique Features

Every home will have something unique about it that separates it from other homes. Be sure to include details about these features in your listing. This could be things that you really enjoy about the home, such as a built in entertainment center in the living room, a first floor pantry right next to your kitchen, or a mud room in the back of the home that your kids use when coming inside.

Writing about these features in a positive way can really make them seem appealing to a potential buyer.

Use Professional Photography

A home will not generate much interest if it does not have good photos to help sell the place. This is a job that you do not want to do yourself with your smartphone. Instead, hire a photographer that will take photos of the home so it looks the best it possibly can.

Not only will a real estate photographer help stage your home in the best possible way for photography by hiding clutter, but they will be able to capture your home with special lenses that help make the rooms feel bigger. Without the proper equipment, this is not something you can duplicate when using a smartphone.

Your agent can help you with more ways to improve your home's listing. Contact an agency, like Signature Properties Group, Inc., for more help.


24 January 2018

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