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If you are considering placing your home on the market, you will need an agent that is easy to work with and that knows their stuff. You might say that hiring the right agent is one of the first and most important home-selling decisions you can make, since it might make the difference in both the selling price and the speed of the transaction. Read on for some tips to ensure that you get the right agent for the job.

General Considerations

1. Evaluate their experience with selling homes similar to your own, and in your local area. Ask your neighbors who they have used and follow up on any references provided by the potential agent. Every home is unique, but if the agent has only sold homes at a considerably less or much higher price point, you might want to find someone with more applicable experience.

2. Some agents, particularly those just starting out, sell only part-time. This can mean that you might not be given the attention you need. You want to be able to contact your agent at almost any time, which could be a problem if they are working at their day job. If they do have another job, quiz them about their availability and how often you can expect contact from them.

3. Take a look at how well-networked they seem to be. Good agents are always connected to other agents and to the others involved in the real estate biz, like appraisers, home inspectors and most importantly of all, lenders.

3. Verify that they are licensed through your state. This means that they have passed a qualification test. Most agents work under the umbrella of a broker, who may own and administer the office.

4. Make sure that when you talk to an agent that there are no uncertainties about duties, commissions, communications and more. You want to be able to have a clear idea, on both sides, of what to expect.

Conducting the Interviews

1. Talking to more than one agent is a smart idea, but don't get too overwhelmed by interviewing dozens.

2. Expect to spend anywhere from half an hour up to an hour talking to the agent. Plan to do follow ups if necessary, since there are always things you forgot to ask the first time around.

3. Find out about how many homes they have sold in the past year, the amount they sold for and ask for references.

4. Make sure you fully understand how much the agent will charge for their services. The commission is a percentage of the sales price of your home, and it is negotiable. You should take into consideration the experience and success of the agent; you may need to pay a higher commission for the better agents.

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26 January 2018

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