How Do You Get A New Home Rebate?

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When providers of a product want more consumer interest in their product, they will often offer a rebate. A rebate is a return of some of your money after you have purchased a product, and these rebates are not limited to small items and purchases, like health and beauty products and kitchen utensils. In fact, there are even ways you can get a rebate after you've purchased a new home. If this is something that's news to you, you are bound to want to know more—especially if you are in the market for a new house. Here is a look at a few ways you may be able to get a new home rebate.

The Real Estate Agent Offers a Rebate 

If a real estate agent is having a difficult time attracting buyers to a property, they will sometimes take strides to make the property more desirable by offering a rebate of the purchase price. Why wouldn't the agent just knock that much off of the price? It really is simple. The rebate money comes off the top of the real estate agent's commission for selling the property, so if the property is under contract between a selling agent and a current homeowner, the current owner doesn't have to take less for the house, because the agent offers a rebate.

If a buyer buys a home that has a rebate offered by the agent, it means that upon closing, that buyer gets a substantial stack of cash in their hand. This money can be used for moving costs, new furniture, and all kinds of other things relative to moving to a new place. 

The Local City Government Offers a Rebate 

There are some areas in the United States that have a difficult time attracting new residents to a specific area. This is especially true in areas where job opportunities may be limited or crime rates may be higher than the norm. In these situations, the local government will sometimes step up to the plate to help garner more interest in houses in the area. 

Rebates offered by the local government can be a little harder to find than those rebates offered by real estate agents, simply because funds can be more restricted, but they can and do happen. In most cases, however, government supplied rebates will be offered in the form of a tax credit, so that may mean you will not actually see a return until you file your local taxes. 


29 January 2018

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