3 Tips For Finding The Perfect House: Small Dog Owner's Edition

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A small dog can be the perfect pet, but there can be some challenges. If you are the loving owner of a smaller breed and you are now looking to buy a home, then you will want to make sure the house you pick is pup-friendly. The following tips can help you make the right real estate choice for you and your dog.

Tip #1: Be mindful of stairs

Usually, your dog is going to want to be in the same part of the home as you. Small dogs, particularly as they get older, can have trouble navigating stairs and steps. Even a split level that only has a few steps can be a challenge to your dog. This in turn can be difficult for you, since you will have to retrieve your dog to help them up or down the steps. Avoid homes where steps are necessary to go between the main daytime living areas of the home. Bedrooms on a second floor may not be a concern if you don't tend to enter the bedroom except for sleeping, since you would only need to help your pup up the stairs once a day.

Tip #2: Crate space

Smaller dogs that are left home alone are often crated. If your dog is crate trained, then you want to ensure your new home has a good spot for the crate. An area without direct sunlight and away from direct exposure to heating and cooling vents is usually the best choice. Also, make sure the spot is somewhere that you won't mind keeping the crate. If the only space for a crate in the home is by  the best spot for the entertainment center, you may not enjoy having the crate as the centerpiece of your living room decor.

Tip #3: Safe yard

Small dogs often need more supervision, especially outdoors. The yard needs to be fenced or you must have the ability to install a fence. Tall, opaque fences, like vinyl fencing, are the best option because your pup can't squeeze through them and passersby won't be tempted to mess with your dog. Dog-napping can be a real concern, especially with pure or designer breed small dogs, so an opaque fence adds safety. Opaque fences also protect your dog from any larger or more aggressive dogs in the neighborhood. Also, make sure there are no local codes or HOA rules about fencing that could impact the type of fence you are allowed to install.

Fr more help, talk with a real estate agent in your area.


26 February 2018

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