Selling The Pet-Friendly Home: Preparation Tips To Improve Buyer Appeal

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According to recent statistics, pets are part of the family in approximately 85 million homes across the nation. While sharing a home with one or more pets brings joy and contentment to pet owners, a pet-friendly home may not be considered as an asset to buyers who do not wish to own a pet or those that may have an allergy that prevents them sharing a home with an animal friend. Pet owners who plan on selling their home can use the following tips to help make their home as appealing to buyers who are not pet owners as it is to those who are.  

Assess the home objectively to determine pet-related issues that could affect buyer appeal

Homeowners who have had to deal with housebreaking a pet or those who ever shared their home with a destructive puppy with a chewing habit will need to address any potential showing issues that may exist in their home well before the listing date. In many cases, this can mean:

  • having stained carpeting professionally cleaned or replaced

  • patching damaged drywall and repainting walls and doors

  • replacing damaged trim boards and door facings

  • replacing torn screens

In addition to taking these steps, sellers should be sure that no pet-related smells continue to linger in the home.

A good way to do this is to ask a non-pet owner to tour your home with you and alert you to any odor issues of which you may be unaware. If smells persist, having soft surfaces, such as draperies, rugs, and furnishings cleaned and deodorized can be helpful.

Temporarily rehome pets while the home is on the market

Once you have dealt with any smells and pet damage issues in the home, sellers may want to temporarily rehome their pets with a loving friend or family member while the home is being actively shown to buyers. In addition to limiting the potential for new odor or damage issues to develop, having pets off the property will simplify the showing process for showing agents and prospective buyers. No matter how well-behaved your pets may be, there is always the danger of them escaping the home during a showing and becoming lost or injured, making temporary rehoming a much safer and more practical option for all parties.

For more great ideas on preparing a pet-friendly home for the market, homeowners should speak candidly with their Realtor about their concerns. These experienced agents will be able to offer real solutions and help clients move forward to successfully sell their home.


1 March 2018

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