Proactive Property Management Tips For The New Landlord

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The purchase of a family home has been proven over time to be an excellent strategy for building personal wealth for the average American, with little actual risk as long as the home is affordable and a good value for the buyer. But when real estate investing is taken to the next level with the purchase of additional homes to bring in rental income, more risk is involved. This is especially true when investment properties are poorly chosen or mismanaged. If you are new to real estate investing and want to help ensure lasting success with less risk, these proactive property management tips can help you develop a strategy that works. 

Develop a good plan for keeping vacancies filled and rental income flowing

Keeping rental income flowing is a necessary part of finding success in the real estate investment world. Properties that are not producing reliable income sap resources and limit the investor's ability to purchase additional rental properties or properly maintain any homes they currently own. 

Avoiding vacancies can be broken down into a three-part strategy. The first part is to make sure that the properties are always clean and well-maintained so that they will attract good renters. Next, investors will want to set rental prices correctly so that their units compete well with similar units in their area. The last requirement for avoiding vacancies is to use aggressive marketing to target potential renters who are most likely to pay their rent on time and take good care of their rental home.

Outsource basic rental investment duties to free up time for locating and purchasing addition properties

While it can be hard for new investors to step back a bit and allow other people to take charge of some of their duties, doing so is critically important for building future success. Making this decision can be especially difficult for new landlords who mistakenly believe that handling all their own management and maintenance responsibilities will save them money over the long haul. Instead, landlords who feel this way often find themselves falling behind in these duties, which can cause tenant dissatisfaction and occupancy issues to develop.  

New landlords who want to avoid problems and help their real estate business experience healthy growth should consider partnering with a reputable property management company to assist them with every property they purchase. 

The best property management companies provide excellent value to their investor clients by professionally managing lease agreements, marketing vacant units, collecting and disbursing rental payments, and handling maintenance and repair issues for the property. In addition, partnering with a good property management team will give tenants the professional support they need without taking the landlord away from the important business of growing their real estate portfolio.   


3 March 2018

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