What To Do To Prepare For An Open House

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Is your home listed for sale on the real estate market? If so, you may be trying to generate interest by hosting an open house. This gives an opportunity for people to casually browse your home to see if they are interested in buying it, all without having to arrange the showing through their agent. Here is what you should do if you have an upcoming open house scheduled with your realtor.

Be Prepared To Leave

If you only do one thing for your open house, it should be to leave the home and let your agent handle the showing. Many people are going to be browsing your home with another person, and they want to be able to talk openly about the things they like and don't like. If you're in the home, they may not talk about the home with you around, or be too distracted by the owner being around that it's all they think about.

Come up with a plan for leaving your home during the entire open house. Go to a movie, go shopping, or do another task that will take a couple of hours.

Declutter Your Home

Potential buyers are going to be in your home and forming opinions based on what they see. If your home is cluttered with stuff everywhere, it can give the appearance that your home lacks storage. Take some time to declutter your home, even if it means starting the process of purging. This is a task you need to do anyway if you plan on moving, so you might as well start it prior to the open house.

Use Fresh Scents

One tip that can make your home feel more welcoming is to have fresh scents in the home. Consider baking something fresh in your oven so that the first floor smells pleasant, and use candles in other rooms that provide a nice aroma. Your home may have a smell to it that you do not ever notice, and using pleasant scents can help mask them.

Clean Up Your Yard

The first impression that you make on a buyer is when they drive up to your home. Make sure to beautify your front yard so that you have great curb appeal. Even if it is the middle of winter, taking the time to nicely shovel your driveway and sidewalks can go a long way to make the home seem more appealing.

Ask your real estate agent for more open house tips. To learn more, contact a business like Almost Home Real Estate Services.   


23 March 2018

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