The Great Debate of New Vs Old Home Construction

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If you are starting your real estate search, you may be stuck between two possible options. You'll either want a home that is completely new construction or a previously lived in home. Each type of home has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which is why it helps to break them down to better compare them.

New Home Construction

Many buyers find new construction attractive because of everything that they offer. Appliances are new, so they come with existing warranties that can help pay for a repair or replacement. This includes the HVAC system, water heater, washer and dryer, and even kitchen appliances. Other aspects can also have a warranty due to having a professional installation, which includes the roofing material. This can give you some much needed reassurance that you won't have a major expense within the first few years in the home.

If you are getting into the new construction process early on, you may even get to decide on the finished used in the home. This gives you full customization of the flooring material, kitchen cabinet styles, and countertops throughout the home. There will be no need to remodel anything once you move in.

However, some people do not like new construction because of the lack of landscaping. For example, iIt will be hard to find a new home with fully grown trees around it. The neighborhood may take some time to fill up, or you are dealing with constant construction noise as the neighborhood continues to expand with new construction.

Old Home Construction

Buying an older home doesn't mean purchasing one from the 1950s. You can still purchase a newer home that has modern amenities in mind, such as its floor plan, kitchen features, and overall design of the home. The community will also feel more like an established neighborhood, with families that have lived there for years.

However, chances are that there will be something in the home that needs to be remodeled, repaired, or replaced. You may find that the HVAC system is on its last legs, your really don't like the kitchen cabinets, or that you want to blow out a wall to make an open floor plan. This adds onto the cost of your home, which can already be quite extensive.

If you are having trouble deciding between old and new homes for sale, reach out to your real estate agent for suggestions on what to do.


4 April 2018

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