Don't Let These Difficult Situations Discourage You As A Real Estate Agent

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Like every other industry, real estate has its ups and downs. This means that if you work as an agent, you'll get a chance to enjoy the ups — such as receiving a hefty commission check — but you'll also find yourself facing the downs. It's important to not allow the difficult times that you'll inevitably encounter to discourage you. Real estate agents go through a variety of situations that can be frustrating, but the best course of action is to try to put such incidents behind you so that you can quickly focus on helping the next client. Here are three difficult situations that you could come across. 

Family Members Hiring Someone Else

As a real estate agent, you'll often find that lots of your clients are family members, friends, and friends of family members. However, there will be times that family members choose to work with a different agent instead of you. This can seem like an insult, but you need to remain even keel. There are lots of reasons that a person may not want an agent who is a family member. For example, buying and selling homes can be stressful, and clients are sometimes at odds with their agents. If a family member is concerned about this process affecting the relationship with you, it's likely a blessing that he or she is hiring someone else. 

A Client Deciding Not To Sell

Selling a home is a big decision for people. As a listing agent, you may work with a client to ensure that his or her home is ready for sale. This could include multiple in-person visits, and you may even use your own money for real estate photographs, professional staging, and more — only for the client to eventually change his or her mind and not sell. This situation can definitely be frustrating, because you've invested time and money in the house but won't make any money from it. You simply need to remember that most clients aren't this way. 

Not Saving Enough For Taxes

Many new real estate agents enjoy the hefty commission checks that come with their job, but may not do a good job of saving enough money for income tax season. You don't need to tell yourself that you're a poor money manager and that you should find another line of work. It's understandable that you want to enjoy spending your money, but you just need to make plans to save more. Working with a financial consultant who specializes in helping real estate agents can help you to avoid this discouragement and not make the same mistakes in the future.


8 April 2018

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