What You Should Know About Your Home's Listing Photos

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You have probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is definitely true when it comes to the listing photos for your home. When people are searching for houses for sale, they will typically scour the market online before actually going to check out houses in person. 

Therefore, if you don't have decent pictures of your home on your listing, you are missing out on a sale opportunity. You need photos that will excite buyers and get them to want to visit your home in person, which will hopefully land an offer in your hand. So, here are a few tips to follow to ensure that your listing photos are the best of the best. 

Don't Put Up a Listing Without Photos

Many potential buyers will have it set up so that they will receive notifications by e-mail or text when a new home is placed on the market that meets their criteria. The last thing that they will want to see is a listing that has zero photos. Maybe you just wanted to get the listing up and have every intention on going back and adding them later. However, the chances of prospective buyers saving your listing and checking back later to see if you decided to add images are slim to none. Therefore, take the time to add photos before you ever make your listing public.

Fully Prepare Your Home Before Taking Pictures

Just as you would prepare yourself for a photo shoot, it is imperative that you prepare your home for a photo shoot as well. In other words, you need to declutter and organize your home and perform a relatively deep clean on the home. Go through the home and fluff your pillows, remove pet toys and accessories, put the toilet seats down, and anything else that you can think of that will make the home look cleaner and more presentable. Remember: people viewing your photos online will be able to zoom in, which means they will be able to see everything, so you want to ensure that you are presenting your home in the best possible way.

Take Quality Photos

Make sure that you don't upload any photos that are distorted, blurry, or even poorly lit, as these will not be attractive to a prospective buyer. If necessary, hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos. They will know exactly which angle will show your home in the best light and how to use additional lighting to enhance certain features of your home.

For more ideas on creating quality listing photos, talk to your realtor.


22 July 2018

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