Inspect The Air Conditioner In The Home You Want To Buy So You Can Avoid Costly Repair Bills

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Before you fall in love with a house when you're house hunting, you'll want to wait for the inspection report so you know exactly what you're buying. An inspector will give you a general idea about the condition of the house, but you may want to hire specialists to inspect certain parts, such as the air conditioning system. Here are some ways to assess the condition of a central air conditioner so you can anticipate problems you might encounter.

Visually Inspect As Much As You Can

While you can't take the system apart yourself, you can look at the condenser outside the house and the air handler that's inside. See if they look like they've been maintained well. Also, go into the attic, if possible, to look at the ducts. You might spot leaks or animal damage in the ducts, but damage to the other parts may be difficult to pick up on. Instead, you can listen for unusual sounds and notice how well the air conditioner cools the house if you're buying during the warm season when it's running. Also, note if all the rooms seem to be cooled evenly. You can also look for a label attached to the unit that gives an indication of age and energy efficiency.

Ask The Seller For Information

Gather as much information about the air conditioner as you can, such as when it was installed and how often it was serviced. Ask for service records that show all maintenance and repairs made. This information helps you determine if the air conditioner is near the end of its life, and if it has been maintained properly. If the information you receive gives you an indication you'll need to replace the air conditioner once you buy the house, you can try negotiating a better price with the seller or even ask the seller to put in a new air conditioner before you'll buy the house.

Hire An HVAC Professional To Inspect The AC

If you're pretty certain you want to buy the house, then investing in an inspection by a professional could be a good idea. An HVAC technician can check a lot of things that you can't, such as the condition of hoses, belts, coils, and refrigerant level. It is even more important to have a professional take a look at the AC if you're house hunting in the winter and you won't have a chance to feel the air conditioner in operation. The technician will check the outdoor and indoor units, as well as the thermostat and ducts, and let you know if repairs are likely or if it looks like the system should last for years without the need for replacement any time soon.

Buying a house is a huge financial investment, so you want to find out as much about its condition as you can or you may face huge repair bills that turn your dream home into a money pit. For more air conditioning and HVAC inspection tips, contact a company like Home Inspection Associate today.


10 October 2018

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