Considerations When Buying A Lot In The City For Building Your New Home

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If you're ready to buy a new home and be the first to live in it, then you may need to start by buying a lot. Home lots in the city can be challenging to find, but by buying your land, you can build a new home you'll be happy with. If new construction homes are hard to find or located in the suburbs, building your own home may be your only option to live in the city, but it could work out for the best. Here are some tips when looking at home lots for sale in the city.

Decide If You Want To Build In A Planned Community

Building a new home in a planned community has its advantages and disadvantages. Your home will be surrounded by other fairly new homes, so they will all age at the same rate. Plus, there could be HOA rules in place that keep your neighbors from making unattractive changes to their properties. Also, when you buy a home lot in a planned community, the builder often comes with the lot. You'll get to choose from blueprints already made up and then customize them to your wishes. This might mean your home can go up quicker.

Before buying a home lot in a planned community, be sure to learn about the regulations you'll be subjected to and the amount of association dues you'll have to pay.

Consider Buying A House You Can Tear Down

If you want to live in an area of the city where there are no vacant lots you like, a possible alternative is to buy a lot with an old house in bad repair that you can demolish and clear from the lot. This adds to your expenses, but it might get you in a location you like. Be sure to follow the usual home buying safeguards such as getting a survey first and checking for a clean title to the land.

Buy A Lot For A Custom House

If you don't like the idea of living in an HOA community, then it's time to start looking for a vacant lot where you can build a custom home. It may take some time to find the ideal lot, so you may want to look for a home lot and buy it before you're ready to start building. Besides getting a survey, you may also need to test the soil on the lot, check for easements, and make sure the land is suitable for building. You might work with a real estate agent who has experience with home lot sales, a builder, or a land planner to make sure that the lot you buy is suitable and not in a flood plain or affected by an agricultural or industrial site you're not aware of.


19 April 2019

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