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Selecting and buying a mobile home is an important decision and one in which you should do your due diligence about before you narrow down your choices for the home you decide to buy. You should look at a home's condition, its value in the market, and if it provides you with all the features you want in a home. Here are some tips to help you find and buy a used mobile home that will be a great home for your needs and budget.

Consider Your Budget

When you shop for a mobile home, there are several costs you need to consider when you analyze your budget. To calculate your monthly budget for your mobile home's costs, look at the cost of your financing for a loan, if you have one, and also consider any applicable lot rent you may have to pay. And whether or not a mobile home is already located in a mobile home park will determine if you will have to pay lot rent.

Lot rent can be several hundred dollars and is paid to the owner of the mobile home park. Your lot rent will usually include payment for your sewer, water, electricity, and usually trash pick-up as well. However, if you are buying a mobile home with the requirement that you will move it to your own property, you will need to calculate in the cost to transport your mobile home to its new location and also the cost of the land you will buy.

Look at the Condition

Once you have found a home that fits your budget and its location fits into your plans, you should have the mobile home inspected. An inspection lets you know that the home is in good repair or, if it is not, you know what problems it has. This can help you make an informed and educated offer to purchase the mobile home.

Hire an inspection professional to go through the mobile home and look for any issues with damage or any areas that may need repair. For example, they can inspect the flooring of the home to make sure it has not received moisture damage. They can also check to make sure the insulation below the floor and any electrical and plumbing in the floor are in good condition and have not received rodent damage.

The roof can also be an area of moisture leak because it is a flat roof. Your inspector will check into the condition of the roof to make sure there are no problems, and if there are, they can advise you on a repair recommendation. You can use this information to estimate the cost of any needed repairs, so you don't go over on your budget.

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25 June 2019

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