Pros And Cons Of Buying A Townhome-Style Condominium

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If you have decided that living in a condo is right for you, then your next step should be to start shopping for one. You'll have several basic options. Some condos are basically freestanding homes. Others are more like apartments. Most are built like townhomes -- duplex structures with one home on one side and a second home on the other side. There are both pros and cons to consider before you buy a townhouse-style condominium.

Pro: You get an upstairs and downstairs.

In other styles of condos, such as single homes and apartments, most units have only one floor. In a townhouse, however, each unit tends to have a first and a second story. The bedrooms upstairs are further from the kitchen and living room, so people can hang out in the common areas without disturbing someone who is sleeping. 

Pro: There's less exterior to maintain.

Typically, in a condo situation, the condo association maintains the exterior of the home and the landscape and you only have to worry about the inside. With a townhouse, there is less exterior to maintain than if all the homes were single homes. And even though you do not need to do the maintenance yourself, that is an advantage for you since it means maintenance costs (and therefore your association fees) will be lower.

Con: Your neighbors will be close.

Most townhomes are built with a soundproof wall between the two units so you don't hear too much noise coming from the neighbors. Still, your neighbors are closer than they would be in a single-family home. If you really value your privacy and want a more secluded lifestyle, then this arrangement may not be for you.

Con: It might take a while to sell.

Not everyone wants to live in a townhome situation. As such, if you decide to sell your condo in the future, it might be on the market for longer than if it were a single home. You can plan ahead for this, of course, but the experience of selling a home can still be daunting when you're waiting months for a buyer.

If you don't mind living close to other people and waiting a while for your home to sell, then a townhouse-style condo may be perfect for you. The cost tends to be lower, and this type of home makes for an appealing, two-story interior. Check out custom townhome condominiums for sale in your area to see if a townhome is the right thing for you.


12 August 2019

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